How to fix if the mist spray does not come out

Refilling the liquid in the spray bottle may not spray it.
There is a possibility that the spray itself is damaged, but if air is chewed on the spray tube and the trigger is pulled, the air in the middle is compressed only and the water does not move, it can be cured by the following procedure.


  1. Prepare a bucket of the size that the entire nozzle head will soak in water and fill it with water.
  2. Remove the nozzle head and soak the whole thing in a bucket of water.
  3. If you pull the trigger of the nozzle head several times in the water, the water will be sucked up and the feeling will come out.
  4. When the feel of the hand is continuous, remove the nozzle head from the water and attach it to the bottle.

Note: Please note that if you pull the trigger before attaching the nozzle head out of the water to the bottle, it will also be chewed and the spray will not be sprayed.

There is a possibility that this procedure will not solve the problem, but the work situation is easy, so why not try it once?